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The Beginning of GIIB Group Journey


Registered in 1989, the Goodway Rubber Industries was born.

Its shareholders’ initial idea was to build this factory to supply rubber to its own retread factory. Located in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah Malaysia.

They started by hiring Mr. Tai Boon Wee (Senior Tai) as its Marketing Manager as well as Ms. Alison Wong as its administration staff.

In 1993, in one of the trips for exhibitions, Senior Tai invited Kraiburg Gummiwerk GmbH to have a 10 year technological joint venture. So they came to an agreement and began to construct the current Nilai factory.

The world class factory became operational in 1995 and was soon exporting around the world to over 60 countries.

With its flagship products, Supercool™ used for the high performance retreading materials and Rubtek™ for all superior technical applications. It began to service customers including reputable Fortune™ 500 companies.

In 2004, with all the success she had accumulated, she made her successful debut on the Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange with businesses catered towards the performance segment of their respective business.

Both Senior Tai and Alison now head the supervisory and advisory board of the group.

Available Globally

Performance products are required everywhere especially for business focus and on business that demands the highest of its category.

Rubtek™ represents the category of business that is making custom, specific and unique rubber compounds for the use in manufacturing like conveyor belts, automotive parts, construction components, fluid transmission and many other unique products.

Our diverse range of base polymers, carbons and various recipes opens up many permutations on the specific products that may be required.

Supercool™ represents the highest level of compound available in the retreading industry. Having been used since 1989 and catered to various applications in various countries, it has made its name including fleets who have appeared in the Guiness Book of Records.

Both the product verticals have built its name in the respective industry available in more than 60 countries worldwide.

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GIIB stands as a beacon of excellence on five continents and in over 60 countries.

High Quality and High Performance

Stressing quality is not enough. Quality is expected. Performance is required.

Everything built in our factory is for our clients who demand the highest quality and performance.

The specifications required for individual applications are well defined. Just meet it and further extend what is possible.

Quality gives you peace of mind and manages the expectation of your customer towards you.

Performance gives you the edge over your peers. Delivering satisfaction beyond expectation.

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Environmental Friendly

Environment is the most important factor in everything we do today.Our core business, providing retreading materials to the market since 1989 is an environmental business at its beginning.

Preventing used tyres from ending up in landfill, it prevents more virgin materials like rubber, oil, chemicals from excessively consumed. Our cooling water (which is heated) is delivered to the boilers to reduce the amount of energy to produce steam as one example. We design the business with the environment as the guiding principle.